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Short movie made by Archa International, with images from the project “Ecocity Caofeidian, the first city of the third millennium”, by Architect Pier Paolo Maggiora, Archa, Turin, Italy. The city will be built in Caofeidian, Tangshan, China.

(Breve video realizzato da ArchA International, che vi propone numerose immagini tratte dal progetto “Ecocity Caofeidian, la prima città del terzo millennio”, realizzato da Pier Paolo Maggiora, dello studio ArchA di Torino. La città sarà realizzata nella zona di Caofeidian, città di Tangshan, Cina).

Rassegna stampa internazionale
Articolo apparso sul sito di informazione italiana in lingua giapponese “Love Italy” del 25/7/2008 (traduzione in lingua inglese – disponibile la versione originale in giapponese ed una traduzione in italiano).

Italian architect Pier Paolo Maggiora, ArchA studio, and his staff of 50 people, will project the eco-city in Caofeidian (TSAOFEIDIEN), in an area of 370 square kilometers (120 square kilometers of sea), with a population of about 2.5 million and a total construction cost of 250 billion to 400 billion euros

The construction is going to start in August this year. In 2010, 52,000 people will be living there. The city will be complete around 2030.

Rassegna stampa internazionale

Articolo apparso sul sito di informazione italiana in lingua giapponese “Love Italy” del 25/7/2008 (articolo originale in lingua giapponese – disponibile una traduzione in inglese ed in italiano).

イタリア人建築家ピエル パオロ マッジョーラと、スタジオArchAの 50人のスタッフが、中国の渤海(ぼっかい)湾上の都市計画を手がけることになった。Caofeidian(ツァオフェイディエン)と命名されたその街は、高速鉄道で北京まで40分、面積370平方キロメートル(うち120平方キロメートルが海上)、収容人口約250万人、総工費2,500億~4,000億ユーロと言われている。工事は今年8月から開始され、2010年までにまず5万2,000人が居住を開始、2030年までに完成予定。国際的な都市モデルになるよう、エコロジーで、美しく、革新的なデザインを心がけたというマッジョーラ氏は、過去にはミラノのシティライフ再開発プロジェクトなども手がけている。

Buon viaggio, Caofeidian (Happy Journey – Caofeidian ) è un film a cura del Confucius Institute (parte di un corso di lingua cinese), in lingua Cinese e Inglese. Più avanti riportiamo la trascrizione dei testi del filmato anche in lingua italiana.


Caofeidian è sempre stata una desolata isola sabbiosa. Con l’assiduo lavoro della popolazione locale, diventerà presto una moderna area industriale, di trasformazione, manifatturiera e di immagazzinamento di merci.
Le banchine da 250.000 tonnellate assomigliano ad un dragone che salta fuori dal mare. Un progetto di creazione di nuova terra dall’acqua attraverso il riempimento con sabbia, sta creando più terra da usare per lo sviluppo.Questi lavoratori stanno trasformando dei sogni in realtà


Caofeidian used to be a desolate sand island. With local people’s unremitting efforts, it will soon become a modern industrial area incorporating processing, manufacturing and goods storage. The 250,000-ton-class ore dock resembles a dragon leaping out of the sea. A large-scale sand-filling land reclamation project is creating more land for development. These builders are turning dreams into reality.

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Rassegna stampa internazionale

The official Tangshan city web site – — published the following information about the “development and Construction of Tangshan Caofeidian Eco-City, 13/06/2008.

I. Project Name
project of Comprehensive Development and Construction of Tangshan Caofeidian Eco-City.

II. Project Contents
Caofeidian Eco-City is planned to construct in the east of Caofeidian New Area with modernization city function and residential environment, which can satisfy the top-grade service demand.

The area of 80 km2 is planned for near-term construction and 150 km2 for the long-term use, among which 30 km2 is planned for the eco-city site of sino-foreign cooperative construction by Tangshan Government.

III. Market Analysis
It must result in the fast increase of population and material assets that all sorts of industries assemble rapidly in Caofeidian New Area.

By 2010, the area will have the population of 300,000 and being a treasure concourse of famous enterprises from home and abroad especially those in port logistics industry, heavy chemical industry and equipment manufacture industry etc, by which forms consequentially the top-grade consumption and service demand.

As the demonstration area of scientific development, an eco-city construction is imperative for the development harmoniously requirement between human being and society.

IV. Construction Conditions
In the central position between Jingtang Port and Caofeidian Port, the eco-city has a distance of 5km from Caofeidian port to the west, 25km from Jingtang Port to the east, 80km from Tangshan as its mother city and 220km from Beijing.

The advanced transportation network has been formed by expressways, freight railways and intercity railways.

At same time, the site for Caofeidian International Airport is planned in advance in long-term coastal layout.

At present, some of infrastructure projects have been starting including coastal highway project through the whole coastal area of Tangshan, coast defence project, power and water supplying projects, sea-water desalination project, alkaline land melioration project, environment protection project and marine reclamation project etc, which create good external environment for starting Caofeidian Eco-city construction.

V. Economic Benefit Analysis

By using of 1100km2 of waste land and shallows in the coastal area of Tangshan, the construction of the eco-city will neither occupy any farmland nor involve land takeover and residence relocation, with the reclamation cost of US$161,400/ha.

VI. Cooperation Mode
The cooperation is mainly based on intergovernmental cooperation over all, among which some single projects is permitted to cooperate between enterprises in the modes of join venture or cooperative operation.

VII. Liaison
Investment Promotion & Liaison Division of Tangshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce
Add: No.14, Meiyi Road, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China
Postcode: 063000 Tel/Fax:00-86-315-2821720
Website: E-mail:

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