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Article from the “Caofeidian Industrial Park Administrative Committee”, published on the official Caofeidian web site on 2008-06-10 (versione italiana).
On May 29-30, the international evaluation conference on the City Layout of Caofeidian as an International Ecological town was held in the Tangshan Hotel.

The Tangshan’s Mayor Chen Guoying, Mr.Yao Zimin, a member of Tangshan municipal standing committee of CPC, the secretary of working committee of Caofeidian Industrial Park of CPC Tangshan municipal committee and the director of Caofeidian administration committee as well as some relevant officials from Tangshan Municipal government and Caofeidian Industrial Park Administrative Committee attended the conference.

Mr. Chen Guoying said that the city layout of Caofeidian should be charactered by “world-class level, Chinese style and Tangshan trait”, which is also what the Tangshan’s CPC secretary Zhao Yong desired on the construction of the new city. Chen said that the city should possess four characteristics as top-ranking standards in the world, concepts of future city, people-oriented principles and shoreside city styles.

The experts committee of the evaluation conference is composed of 9 authoritative experts who come from China and other countries. Mr. Ke Huanzhang, a member of exports committee of the Chinese Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural Development, the vice chairman of China Association of City Planning, was appointed as the director of the exports committee of this conference.

Representatives from ARUP British, ArchA Italy, Qinhua City Planning Institute and DHV Holland reported their design schemes to the expert committee and answered the questions put forward by the expert committee.

The reports attending the conference evaluated carefully all the design schemes submitted by the relevant design units.